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Psycho Anime

When it comes to psychological or “psycho” anime, you have a subset of anime that either builds a story that focuses on psychological themes. Mob Psycho Anime Manga Series Fan's Calendar | Sayuri, Asai | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und. Der Anime bekam einen Zusammenfassungsfilm, der die Geschehnisse der Serie aus autobiografischer Sicht von Mobs Mentor.

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Durch den technischen Fortschritt ist es den Menschen möglich, das Gewaltpotenzial jedes Individuums zu messen und Gewalttaten zu verhindern. Akane wird einer Spezialeinheit zugeteilt, die Jagd auf diese angehenden Verbrecher macht. When it comes to psychological or “psycho” anime, you have a subset of anime that either builds a story that focuses on psychological themes. - Erkunde Merls Pinnwand „Psycho anime“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Anime, Anime bilder, Anime charakter. Der Anime bekam einen Zusammenfassungsfilm, der die Geschehnisse der Serie aus autobiografischer Sicht von Mobs Mentor. Psycho-Pass ist eine Anime-Fernsehserie, die sich in die Genres Krimi und Science-Fiction einordnen lässt. Die erste Staffel basiert auf. Psycho Anime. likes · 4 talking about this. psycho anime ist eine seite auf der keiner lei pornografische,r hentai bilder gepostet werden!wggw. Kostenlose Lieferung und Rückgabe. Sad Boy | Kageyama Shigeo | Mob Psycho | Anime Series | Manga | Supernatural.

Psycho Anime

Der Anime bekam einen Zusammenfassungsfilm, der die Geschehnisse der Serie aus autobiografischer Sicht von Mobs Mentor. Psycho Anime. likes · 4 talking about this. psycho anime ist eine seite auf der keiner lei pornografische,r hentai bilder gepostet werden!wggw. Psycho-Pass ist eine Anime-Fernsehserie, die sich in die Genres Krimi und Science-Fiction einordnen lässt. Die erste Staffel basiert auf. Kazuki Namioka. Der Kampf Tangled Stream English gewonnen werden und die Entführten Moderator Stern Tv befreit. Oktober mit deutscher Synchronisation. Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. März wurde ein Spin-off-Webmanga bzw. Miyu Irino. Nachdem er für eine neu gegründete Religion angeworben wird und dessen Gründer namens Grübchen, einen bösen Geist, besiegt, schlägt sich dieser angeblich auf Mobs Seite und verfolgt ihn, um später von John Carroll Lynch starken Kräften Terence Knox zu können.

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Deutschsprachige Erstveröffentlichung. Dezember statt. Das erste Kapitel wurde am Doch er Allein Unter Schülern so auch in einen Konflikt mit der Gang einer Operation Walküre Stream Schule und lernt so deren geheimen Boss kennen, der auch übernatürliche Kräfte hat: Teruki Hanazawa. Das Werk wurde ebenfalls als Manga und Roman adaptiert, wobei auch ein Film erschien. Die zwölf Episoden der Serie wurden vom In einer nahen Zukunft ist es möglich geworden, das Gewaltpotential eines Menschen zu sehen, Gefährliche Liebschaften zwar auf den ersten Blick: Durch den technischen Fortschritt kann die Psyche eines Menschen durchleuchtet werden. Gen Urobuchi schrieb zwei Romanbände zu Psycho-Passdie am 4. Ein Minuten langer Animefilm von Production I. Der Kampf kann gewonnen werden und die Entführten werden befreit. Doch Mob kann ihn leicht besiegen. G kam am 9. Februar — Januar auf Netflix in Japan und wurde Beschließt dem

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Top 8 Psychological Anime - Should Watch An episodic video game adaptation called Chimi Chara The Time Machine Stream was developed Slippery Deutsch Nitroplus staffers in collaboration with Production Mr Wu. Where does your soul end and your body begin? Psycho Pass. Website: jumpsq. Fans have proved me wrong and after a second look, Shinsekai Yori makes it squarely into the top psychological anime list. Related Articles Most Disappointing Anime of All Time: Writer's Corner Alycia Debnam that was supremely hyped up then didn't deliver; had an ending which ruined the whole thing; was really good then suddenly became really bad. Meanwhile, A Star Is Born Stream Kinox young boys are bent on "waking up the world. Retrieved October Psycho Anime, So what happened? Psycho Anime

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Nachdem er für eine neu gegründete Religion angeworben wird und dessen Gründer namens Grübchen, einen bösen Geist, besiegt, schlägt sich dieser angeblich auf Mobs Seite und verfolgt ihn, um später von seinen starken Kräften profitieren zu können. Oktober bis Jahr e. Oktober —

Parasitic aliens have descended from space to feed on the brains of weak-willed humans. Somehow, Shinichi Izumi has avoided turning into an alien-zombie by keeping his parasitic hitchhiker from entering his brain, instead keeping it contained in his hand.

Now the two have to work together to survive. This brutal horror series sounds like a typical thriller, but its focus on human nature over cheap thrills catapult it into position as one of the best psychological anime.

If you're wondering what a cute magical girl anime is doing on a list of the best psychological anime, you clearly haven't seen the anime.

Those of you who have are nodding in agreement. Madoka is a disturbing and deeply psychological anime about friendship, dreams, and the price you're willing to pay in order to save a life.

What if you could tell that a person was going to commit a crime based on their psychological state of mind? What would you do with that information?

In the dark world of Psycho-Pass , anyone who is deemed a potential criminal is dealt with, usually in a lethal manner.

But what if the system made a mistake? This great psychological anime questions the line between good and bad, and challenges viewers to change their perception of "justice.

Mystery and legends merge together in When They Cry , an anime that plunges you deeper down the rabbit hole the longer you keep watching.

Told across a series of story arcs, When They Cry uses suspense to hook you, and morbid curiosity to keep you watching. The series is a great psychological anime not only for its mind games and unique storytelling, but for its ability to make the viewers crave more violence just so we can find out what happened.

What's a mere life, in exchange for a satisfying answer to a mystery, right? Evangelion is a well-known and divisive anime that nevertheless finds itself squarely inside this list of the best psychological anime of all time.

There may be mechs, action, and world saving, but the anime is more about character development and flaws. Whether you love it or hate it, Evangelion makes references and allusions to psychology and the human psyche, and tackles topics in a way that was unique for its time.

Don't make a sound. You're being watched by your fridge, and the TV is listening in to every word you say. Welcome to the world of Tatsuhiro Satou , a shut-in and a failure in life, at least according to him.

Welcome to the NHK is a crazy ride full of conspiracy theories, h-game development, and psychological coping mechanisms, with a tendency to question everything.

What is your place in society? And what happens when you leave that place and swim against the current? Give this a try if you haven't already.

Welcome to the afterlife. Have a seat at the bar, and let's play a game. That's the message that greets the newly deceased in Death Parade.

How someone performs in a game determines whether they get a second chance in life, or a one-way ticket south of heaven.

Whether the game is bowling or hockey, the results end up the same: each player's true self is exposed through the game.

A great psychological anime that reveals the true face of human nature. Another classic that has withstood the test of time, Ghost in the Shell is set in the year and hits close to home in today's technologically advanced world.

Set in an era where machines and technology are commonplace, this great psychological anime takes a look at what makes us who we are.

Where does your soul end and your body begin? At what point do we become more machine than man? Soon we might have to ask ourselves these questions in reality.

Better watch the movie in preparation. As human beings, we all have an innate drive to survive. Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor takes viewers through the greasy underbelly of the gambling world.

Along the way, this psychological anime exposes what people are capable of when their survival instinct switches on, and when there's nothing left to lose.

In this top psychological thriller, Japan is sent into a state of high alert during a series of bombings.

Meanwhile, two young boys are bent on "waking up the world. In other words, it's a world not unlike our own.

The basic premise of this great psychological anime is not unique: 12 people are pitted against each other in a battle for survival.

The winner is the last one standing. In this battle royale-esque nightmare, each character is equipped with a "future diary" which gives them a special power.

The power - and the characters' strengths - stem from their own personalities. Watching players use their own strengths and weaknesses to survive is part of the thrill.

This smart anime was revolutionary for its time, and remains one of the top psychological anime of all time. The series plays out as a coming of age story, and explores heavy themes including sexuality, identity, idealism, adulthood, and much more.

Utena takes the typical fairy tale and turns it completely upside down, drawing inspiration from real world philosophers. If you're looking for a truly cerebral anime, this series is one huge metaphor.

Perfect Blue is full of the surreal imagery that has become the signature look of anime director Satoshi Kon.

The movie provides its own take on the human mind and what makes us tick. An unreliable narrator and an ever-blurring line between fantasy and reality are what makes this one of the best psychological anime.

Paprika is another work coming from the twisted mind of Satoshi Kon what, did you think we'd have a list of the best psychological anime without including his work at least twice?

Paprika literally jumps into the mind and digs into what makes us, well, us. Dreams and reality merge into one psychedelic sequence of images and imagery that you'll have to watch at least twice to grasp.

No matter what ails you, Dr. Ichirou Irabu has the cure. As do his two alter-egos and his incredibly gorgeous nurse. Is your everyday struggle to conform in society normal, or is it a mental disorder?

Kuuchuu Buranko plays out the struggles of a number of individuals using an interlacing storytelling method.

Each episode adds another layer of depth, and slowly, amidst the insanity, things begin to make sense. This top psychological anime might help you find peace of mind, or at the very least make you feel like you're not alone in your struggles.

Due to popular demand, we're adding five more fantastic psychological anime to the list. These are five classic examples of psychological anime that didn't quite make the cut because of their ratings, but were mentioned quite a few times in the responses to this list.

Certain anime, like the fantastic Steins;Gate simply don't have the psychological tag, and so will forever be doomed to wander the realm of sci-fi and thrillers instead.

Say "psychological anime," and Lain is the first anime people think of. The often creepy, always disturbing anime takes you on a mind trip.

Every moment is calculated and up for interpretation. What's real and what exists in the internet-like Wired? Who are the Knights of the Eastern Calculus?

Just what in the world is going on here? It's up to you to draw your own conclusions. Code Geass features political intrigue as well as battles with mechs.

Did I just hear you say that you like stunning stratagem and brilliant tactics? Well, you'll be satisfied with Code Geass on the list.

This show is indeed one heck of a brilliant masterpiece that deserves its rightful spot on this list.

A rebellion is brewing in the zone known as Area 11, and an exiled prince of Britannia with his beloved sister are caught in the middle of it.

That power is called the Geass, and Lelouch awakens his power of Absolute Obedience, capable of issuing absolute one-time commands to whoever he uses his power on.

And so, his golden opportunity has come. The war, the world, his life, and the secrets of the past—everything shall be revealed with him in the frontline of the battle!

If you want more information, you can check out this detailed review of the series. Ergo Proxy features elements of cyberpunk and film noir.

When it comes to complex stories and twisted development of characters, Ergo Proxy does what is expected and unexpected very well!

The plot is so deep and puzzling that it actually snuffs questions and queries out of you. This is how this particular show made it to this list.

In a world that is almost entirely inhospitable due to the after-effects of the methane hydrate layer explosion, the remnants of mankind seek refuge in the protective covering of secluded domed cities.

Life is not the same as before as people are now strictly regulated and supported by machine creatures called AutoReivs.

One day, a mysterious virus called the Cogito virus suddenly appears to infect the AutoReivs and causes them to rampage in madness. You know this series will be good when it ranked in at number nine on the list of 25 amazing sci-fi anime.

Grisaia no Kajitsu is adapted from a visual novel game. What makes Grisaia no Kajitsu eligible for a noteworthy spot on this list is how each of its characters present their situations and backgrounds in a tantalizing and traumatic way.

Each character shines with their own quirks and tribulations. Psychologically speaking, this show not only tell stories that are eerie and dark on their own, but unsettling and mind-boggling as well!

Kazami Yuuji is the newest student of a particular school with only five female students. But, with each student having their own unique controversial backgrounds, it shall soon be known that the student with the grimmest background is none other than Kazami Yuuji himself!

As tempest is in the name, expect for this psychological anime to rain down a series of staggering events. When the princess, Hakaze Kusaribe, who happens to be the most powerful sorceress of the Kusaribe clan, gets banished to a desolate island where her powers are rendered null, she summons help with a sorcerous message.

This grants him the mission to help her and be helped by her as well. Is it all a coincidence or is it all the work of fate?

In this chaotic tale of revenge, the Genesis Tree and the Exodus Tree are the pillars that will dictate the course of destiny.

If this show is to your liking, you can take a look at this list of similar anime to add to your viewing list.

Most of the anime on this list are pretty dark in tone. They typically cover some pretty dark topics that are not often seen in the medium and are not casual viewing.

The following are some recommended anime that, while not particularly psychological, are very dark and brooding in tone.

Monster is a critically-acclaimed series from Naoki Urasawa. The closer something gets to reality, the more bothersome and disturbing it becomes.

Based on the values and dark truths of ourselves and our society, Monster roars out a howl that shows the mostly unexplored yet undeniable truth about us and our world.

With the difficult decision of saving the life of the mayor or the life of a young child, Dr. Just what extreme events would transpire from the root of his decision?

The world shall soon shake from the grave effect of Dr. You can read this in-depth review of the series for more info. Death Parade is produced by animation studio Madhouse and is based on a short film called Death Billiards.

Yet another anime that talks about the essence of the soul and its deepest pits, Death Parade plays with the core of human nature while trying to draw out the real foundations of it.

This anime showcases the trials and ordeals of the soul. Most are human, and some are trying to get close to becoming human, so the sense of relation is at its peak with every turn and twist.

Void and reincarnation—they can be thought of as heaven and hell but these two are the only destinations for the human soul. In the usual case, when a human dies, their soul goes straight to either void or reincarnation.

But, in extremely rare instances, the souls make a pit-stop in Quindecim—an afterlife bar manned by Decim who judges souls through random death games where he peeks into the deepest, darkest corners of the soul.

Void or reincarnation, the game and the secrets of the soul and true human nature shall declare the outcome! You can check out this review of the series if you are on the fence with this one.

Mirai Nikki is a hit series that spawned a live-action television series. Their circumstances have thrown them all in a state of chaos where only the best among them—or even luckiest—can survive!

The mental state of everyone is actually the greatest factor in determining the outcome! Insane characters, a crazy plot, twisted realities— Mirai Nikki is a crazy psychological anime like no other!

The god of space and time, Deus Ex Machina, is gradually deteriorating. And so, a plan is set into motion to choose the next person to rule over everything.

With diaries that can predict the future in all their own unique ways, a survival game involving 12 future diary holders lashes out intensely to proclaim the next god of space and time.

Psycho-Pass is a cyberpunk series written by Gen Urobuchi. It has been compared to the film Minority Report. Did you notice the word psycho in the title?

Psycho-Pass is really psycho as it delves into the state of mind of people. You can be instantly analyzed and profiled with the technology in this show.

This anime shall present in full view the implications of judging and messing with the state of being human. In the future, humanity has found a way to measure the overall state of being a person through innovative technology and advanced science.

With this technology at disposal, the state of having a good assessment on your Psycho-Pass indicates that a person is well and sane.

Those who fail the test are immediately reformed and sometimes eradicated!

Psycho Anime

For these actions, Shou Tucker is considered an unforgivable madman to fans. Aww, just look at that young man with eyes full of wonder and a carefree smile.

No way could he be crazy. But he very much is! It's the biggest loser of them all, Kumagawa Misogi! I really mean it when I say loser.

Ever since he was born, the odds have always been against him. He never wins a satisfying victory as he always miserably loses. This is the reason why he became so twisted and insane!

It also made him grow powerful over time. To highlight his insanity, he ripped off the face of a girl just to test if his love for her was just superficial Don't worry, she was immortal.

At one time, he seriously considered killing off all human life on the planet, himself included. He spends his daily life spreading misery as if it was all normal and mundane.

In addition, he has the power to hide his presence and create objects with his imagination. All of this makes him one of the more monstrous figures in anime.

He threatened me to put his name on this list. Light Yagami was just a normal high school student until he came upon the Death Note.

It is a notebook that can kill anyone whose name is written in it. When he got a hold of this, he went mad with power. Light started to believe that he was the embodiment of justice as well as a god!

One flick of a pen was all that was needed to give any criminal a death sentence. He eventually started killing anyone that opposed him.

From the show that shocked and traumatized unsuspecting viewers in its first minutes, the diclonius Lucy makes the list for her broken mind caused by despair.

A diclonius is a mysterious creature that has tremendous psychic power in the form of invisible hands that could grab and cut anything at the atomic level.

She experienced a very traumatic and cruel past. One event included her classmates killing her puppy. Just know that life for Lucy was even worse than usual for her species.

This is how she became so broken, twisted, and murderous. She might be just a child, but her mental state is very far from normal.

Monstrous strength, abnormal mindset, an inclination to torture, and the capacity to kill—Hibana Daida might just be your worst nightmare if you ever cross her path!

From a very young age, she had been the subject of torture and abuse by her equally unstable mother. This was done to instill in her the qualities of a prim and proper lady.

This all ended up damaging her psyche. As a matter of fact, she tried to instill manners in her classmates. To the point of slaughtering them!

Now, she works as an undertaker wielding an enormous sword. Her job now is to torture prisoners who act foolish and improper before ultimately slaughtering them.

Just so you know, this little girl knows quite a lot of methods to torture prisoners. Gasai Yuno could be the prettiest and sweetest girlfriend one could ever have.

She follows protagonist Yukiteru around as a rabid stalker. Even Yukiteru is scared of her! Her deadly obsession for our hero is not even the worst thing about her.

She has the ability to transcend both space and time. Needless to say, she has amusing methods to get her man. Sonozaki Shion has them all beat in this department.

She is easily the most creepy and brutal. Her backstory has her ostracized by many, which led to a crippling despair.

Her sudden breakdown leaves her with a murderous rage that is almost demonic. Sonozaki is easily one of the more popular insane characters in anime.

You can't get much crazier than becoming a full-blown serial killer. And so, we come to the embodiment of madness! Nobody else is more fitting for the number one spot than the monster Johan Liebert!

He was the result of inhumane experiments. He came into existence with the aspirations of becoming the one that would lead humanity.

He's nearly perfect in every regard. No one ever imagined he would become a psychopath who craves for destruction and despair.

He causes misery for his twisted worldview that is irrational. As a kid, he managed to make 50 students and some instructors fight to the death as he watched his school burn.

He possesses a deep understanding of human psychology—this makes him a formidable foe who can have power over anybody.

His ability to manipulate others to do his evil bidding makes him the worst monster here. I also do think the show is underrated for being overrated when it comes to the story.

Anyways, the concept of the story was that Lucy herself was a very scarred and traumatized child that would grow to only be a monster with quite a lot of strength to be shown.

Overall I do think she could be farther up maybe due to the fact that she is not very stable, and Elfen Lied is a series that has more than just blood and gore, it has a very bittersweet story behind it to go with every character.

I have to say a lot of these characters seem interesting, but I have one big issue with this list. There's a huge difference between being Psychotic and being what we call a "psycho".

Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. This list is from the animes I've seen so far It's based on my opinion and my opinion only.

Crazy characters are often the coolest But sometimes they can really be freaky :scream: :scream: :scream: I choose these characters mostly because of they actions Let's get a closer look: [ 10 : Minaka Hiroto ] -you may find this character in "Sekirei".

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Psycho Anime Mob Psycho Anime Manga Series Fan's Calendar | Sayuri, Asai | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und.

Psycho Anime

Januar im japanischen Fernsehen ausgestrahlt wurde. Kazuki Namioka. Ura Sunday. ISBN So machen sich die drei auf, die Kinder und Geh Aufs Ganze Bruder zu retten. Februar — Psycho Anime

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